Easy At-Home Date Night Ideas

After P was born, our first date night was a charcuterie picnic on our bed while he slept in his bassinet in the corner. The new mom in me was too afraid to leave him upstairs by himself while we were downstairs having dinner. I know, I know…but as a first time mom, the anxiety was real. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten over that feeling of needing to be in the same room with my sleeping babies. Which means we have been able to resume semi-regular date nights.

Date Night at Home (3)

Bob and I are very lucky to live near my family. Only ten minutes up the road, they are almost always willing to watch the boys whenever we need them to. They have their own social lives, though, so when we can’t get out for a date night, Bob and I plan little date nights at home for after the boys go to bed.

Need some ideas for a date night at home? Read on below!

Charcuterie {wine, meat and cheese} date night: Gather some bread, two or three types of meat (sopressata, prosciutto, salami, and bresaola are a few good ones), a few different types of cheese (brie, parmesan, aged cheddar, and goat are our favorites), stone ground mustard, and a preserve or honey, and lay out a nice spread for you both. Add in some wine, candles, and background music.

5 Easy ideas for an at-home date night - Part 1 {Laundry & Laughter}

Pizza and game night: We have a Scrabble competition in our house about once a month. It’s fun to challenge one another with words that definitely don’t seem real – so make sure you set up your rules beforehand!


Movie night: For a little while, on Friday evenings, we would select a new movie to watch. We usually had movie snacks as well; bonus – this was much cheaper than going to the movies. Make it a themed night for even more fun!


Wine and conversation: We love to sit on the deck and chat over a bottle of wine while listening to music. We watch the sunset and then turn on the patio party lights once the sun goes down. It’s nice to use this time to catch up with Bob after he has been traveling.

Date Night at Home (4)

Steakhouse at home: We both love a good ribeye, so we keep an eye on the grocery ads to see when they go on sale. Bob grills while I help with the sides. Then we sit down to a delicious meal that is leaps and bounds less expensive than going to a real steakhouse.

Date Night at Home (1)

Ok, so most of our date nights revolve around food. I can’t help it! But we make sure to add in lots of conversation (yes, even during our movie nights) and make it a point to keep our phones in another room. The most important thing is that you engage with one another – no matter what you choose to do.

What are some of your favorite date nights at home?


2 thoughts on “Easy At-Home Date Night Ideas

  1. Carol wyatt says:

    Nice blog. Great ideas. . How about for a date night that you make the widest and craziest sundaes with fun toppings each person makes and gives it a name or make homemade pizza together or be your own iron chef competition and every other week one of you choose the “secret ingredient”. Laughter and fun is always fun in the kitchen and helps nurture relationships 😊


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