Toddler Activities: Car Theme

Toddler activities - car theme

P loves anything with wheels. He has a ton of train cars, wooden cars, plastic cars, and more. He will put them on the floor and get down next to them with his eyes level to the toy and move it back and forth while he watches the wheels move

I took that opportunity to do some activities with cars to spur his creativity and get his hands dirty.

First up was a fun sensory and craft activity.

Painting with Cars

Items needed:

  • Roll of craft paper or sheets of construction paper
  • Washable finger paint
  • Cheap plastic cars (check out the dollar store or Target’s Bullseye’s Playground!)


It as a nice morning, so we went outside to do the activity. I put down a long stretch of paper, added some dollops of washable finger paint, and showed P how to create artwork by rolling some cheap plastic cars through the paint.

He lined the cars up first then got to driving the cars through the paint.


We added more colors on different parts of the paper.

Toddler activity - painting with cars

Once he decided he was done using the cars, he began painting his hands to make handprints. He is obsessed with put paint most everywhere but the paper, haha!

All in all, he had a blast!

The second activity was more of a sensory activity.

Muddy Car Wash

Items needed:

  • Two rectangular containers
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • Potting soil
  • Old toothbrush
  • Plastic cars or trucks from the other activity


P doesn’t really like to get dirty, so I had to coax him into this activity. We started with adding potting soil to one container and warm water mixed with dish soap to the other. The cars start out in the potting soil “mud” where they can get dirty.


Because the cars are so muddy, they need to go through a car wash. P put the cars in the soapy water and used the old toothbrush to wash the mud off the cars.

We did this a few more times before he tried to brush his teeth with the toothbrush. Then he wanted to sit in the container with the soapy water. Hey…toddlers, am I right?

This is a really great activity for when the weather is warm because it can get messy.

Other car-themed activities

  • Reading: Little Blue Truck
  • Snack: Build Your Own Snack Car (graham crackers, cut up banana wheels, raisins to decorate the car, apple windows)
  • Science: What weighs down my car? Give kids the same car and different small items (“weights”) to add to the cars. Then have the kids race the cars down a ramp to see which one goes faster!
  • Movie: Cars

What are some other car activities you enjoy doing with your little ones?


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