Easy Mom Hack When You Just Need Some Peace

I read somewhere once that a mom would let her kids do a “popsicle bath” when they were sick. And it’s exactly what you think – letting them eat a popsicle in the tub.

When I was in the sleep-deprived throes of having a newborn, I would let C sit in the bouncy seat while P would take a bubble bath in the afternoon. It gave me a few minutes of peace where I could just sit and not chase after a “spirited” toddler.

I’m not quite sure how I forgot about this simple parenting hack. This morning I was feeling major frustration bubble up within when C wouldn’t stop crying at my legs while I was trying to work. Milk? Check. Snack? Check. Checked diaper? Check. He was bored from being at home and exhausted from not napping, and I just wanted to finish one thing.

Enter: the mid-morning bubble bath. I’m sitting on the floor of the boys’ bathroom while they play – peacefully. No screaming. No crying. No tv on in the background. No fighting over toys (well, ok, there is some fighting over bath toys).

The best part is the easy clean up. And the clean kids. And the smell of lavender. And the PEACE AND QUIET I was so desperately craving this morning.


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