Creating a Cleaning & Laundry Schedule {+ Free Printable!}

When Bob and I first started talking about me staying home, I had some wild thoughts about how I would spend my time. At the top of the list was keeping an immaculate house that was always clean. I touted that the laundry would always be done, I’d vacuum every day, and dinner would be home-cooked instead of ordered in.

Then reality set in. I got bored. P didn’t want to nap. I thought of a million other things I’d rather be doing than cleaning the bathroom. At that point, P was about four months old, and the postpartum anxiety had subsided a little, so I couldn’t blame it on that. I was just lazy.

Throw in baby number two who is as colicky as the first with an added bonus of being super clingy, and you have yourself a home with dog hair in the rug, train cars all over the floor, and yesterday’s dishes in the sink. Sound familiar?

Copy of Cleaning-Schedule-Pinterest-Graphic.png

It is all I can do to just survive the day at times. But I’ve realized that by keeping certain parts of the house picked up, I feel less stressed. So I created a weekly cleaning schedule to help me not feel so overwhelmed when I look at the laundry piles in the closets and dog hair tumbleweeds by the baseboards.

Below is a sample schedule for you to consider when creating your own schedule. The key is to think about the number of rooms and bathrooms in your own home as well as how many people in you have in your family who still need you to do their laundry. Try to stick to about 15 minutes or less on the cleaning parts and one load of laundry per day.


  • Wash sheets, towels and bath mats


  • Wash a load of your laundry
  • Clean kitchen (disinfect countertops, sweep, wipe down appliances)
  • Vacuum downstairs


  • Wash kids’ clothes
  • Clean downstairs / powder bathroom (clean countertops and sink, wipe toilet, clean tub if there is one)


  • Wash a load of your husband’s clothes
  • Vacuum kids’ bedrooms
  • Clean kids’ bathroom(s) (clean countertops and sink, wipe toilet, clean tub / shower)


  • Wash a load of your clothes
  • Clean master bathroom (clean countertops and sink, wipe toilet, clean tub / shower)
  • Vacuum master bedroom


  • Vacuum and pick up living room / family room



What are some of your laundry and cleaning schedule tips and tricks?


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