Easy Date Night at Home Ideas – Part 2

My last Date Night at Home post was such a hit (it’s my most viewed on Pinterest) that I decided to follow it up with another post that includes four more date night at home ideas!

1. Tapas Tailgate for Two: Bob and I are suckers for tailgate food. Sometimes we will buy tailgate snacks and heat them up whenever we are in the mood for them – even if there isn’t a game on TV! So whether you plan to curl up on the couch to catch a College Football game on a Saturday night (Go Noles!) or simply watch a movie, pop your favorite tailgate food into the oven and go to town!

2. Cheese Fondue for Two: One of my favorite things to eat is cheese. Especially when it is melted. There’s something about that gooey, salty stuff that makes me happy. And the best parts about fondue? You can use whatever cheese recipe you want with whatever dippers you like. We enjoy a beer cheese with pretzel bites or a basic fondue cheese with mini potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, bread, and chunks of salami.

3. Chopped Kitchen: Have you ever watched Chopped on Food Network? The fact that people can make something delicious out of four random ingredients is beyond me. This date night takes the same concept, only you and your spouse pick out a random ingredient(s) to be used by the other person. I highly recommend setting boundaries like only choosing something that you know you will both eat (and not something like beef tongue – unless you are into that 🤢). It could be anything from chocolate to popcorn to a random jelly. It’s fun to come up with creative ways to use the ingredients!

4. Dessert-Only Dinner: Companies now make so many different desserts for one that this becomes such an easy date! Pick a small handful of desserts for one and pair with a favorite wine.

What other date night at home ideas do you find fun? Let us know in the comments!


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