Weekly Theme: Fall Colors

Y’all, I’m exhausted. Like, haven’t slept well in years exhausted. And lately I’ve felt like I haven’t had much wisdom to write about because God’s been working on my heart due to me being that exhausted mom who gets on to her kids way too much.

Anyway, it’s the last day of fall break, and admittedly, the boys have watched a lot of tv. Part of it is because of the rain; part of it is because C has had an upper respiratory infection. I tried to bring out fun toys they haven’t had in a while as well as a couple of sensory activities around the “fall colors” theme.

Get activity ideas for a fall colors theme!

Fall colors jello dig

Items needed:

  • Boxed gelatin mixes in red and orange
  • Froot Loops (orange, red and yellow only) or Apple Jacks
  • Water and ice to make the jello
  • Sensory bin materials (clear bin, scoops, etc.)

Simply make the jello according to package directions. Once you pour it into the bin to set, poke your Froot Loops or Apple Jacks into the gelatin. Once set, put in front of your kids with scoops and let them dig out the cereal.

I highly recommend putting a tarp or trash bag under the kids’ chairs as this can get messy. My boys loved it and the bubble bath they got to have afterwards!

Toddler sensory activity - fall color jello dig

Colorful pasta sensory bin

Items needed:

  • Dyed Pasta – different shapes
  • Sensory bin items (clear bin, scoops, tongs, etc.)

Check out my post for coloring rice as the same process applies for dyeing the pasta. It’s a fun activity to do with your older toddler. I already had some in the pantry, so make a big batch and have it at the ready!

When ready to do the sensory bin, dump all of your materials into the clear bin and let them go to town. Seriously – it’s that easy! We sorted some of the colors and shapes to lengthen the activity. But we were done when little man kept trying to sneak bites of the uncooked pasta…

Toddler activity - fall color pasta sensory bin

Other fall color activities

Reading: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Elhert

Snack: Fall trail mix (make a basic trail mix that includes red, yellow and orange colors like M&Ms, candy corn, etc.)

Craft: Painting fall trees (draw a tree trunk and let the kids tips cotton swabs in fall colors to add “leaves” to the tree)

What are some Fall color activities you do with your kids?


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